Writing outside of NaNoWriMo.

IMG_3916 copy“From The Grasp Of Time.” is a novel I am writing now to the tune of 50,000 words minimum. It is a YA novel and frankly a very Catholic one. I will be aiming this one at religious publishing houses for YA books. Like in the vein of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. Others also have written in that vein so its not an unusual method. This is also not my first novel. I have one that being edited now that was written during the 2013 year. 2014 I decided not to write a new book, but work on the one I already had. I then shopped for an editor for it. I would have been done with it by now, but took a six month pause, while saving up for a new computer after my old one (and two others) were stolen from  our home the Morning of December 26, 2014. I was in agony while waiting and of myself writing by hand again. Something I used to figure it was waste of time and energy because I have to re-write thing to get them digitized. That when I realized I was mistaken. In many way, sketches by writing or drawing actually made the book better. I am after all an Visual Artist  Storyteller. Something that only typing the words out the first time, often misses things I see in my minds eye, but not always have the vocabulary ready to describe it.

Writing is a labor of love and occasional exasperation. It is also at times, an ego trip. I also find, I actually do more walking and exercise when I write regularly. If only because ones backside can only sit for a certain amount of time before feeling flees the flesh.

Heres to all in your writing adventures. Just make sure you take plenty of stops to stretch and drink healthy water to keep your inner ink fluid.

https://nancylouise2.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/img_3916-copy.jpg?w=300Catch you later writers!

Nancy Louise


Can Social Justice on a local scale, really rock?

ImageMaybe planting a small garden on a side walk is not much of a thought of Social Justice. So lets step back a moment and think how can it become a form of social justice? 

1. Engage children from local Boys and Girls club, or other clubs that focus on the next generation to beautify an area they live or go to school in.

2. Planting food plants in such area is not practical, growing pickable flowers can cause other issues. So what can be a good suitable use of that small plot of soil? (Social Studies). Make one block a high school project on learning the history of the area (going back at least 100 years), test the soil for what it needs and what dangerous chemicals might also be presented (Science), Calculate cost of sharing, geography for plants, and for you math wiz out there, apply algebra and other advance math to this. Etc. Etc.

3. Get some seniors out of the homes and into the communities again. Have some speak of what used to grow naturally along these areas, maybe they can take trips to the local garden center or botanical area with volunteers to make some choices.

4. Dealing with the inevitable ripped out, poisoned, pee-ed on, destruction of hard work. Instead of seeing it as a total defeat, work with the group to use it as a social barometer of what could be wrong in the area that needs engaging? Is it one person on a bent of destruction? Does this person need some social services or are they undeserved? It is the behavior of a group of bored teens? What social justice can be done to help that issue? 

Basically the small little plot can be a jumping off issue as well as a ‘therometor’ for what else can be going on that needs to be addressed.

Nancy Louise