Space, and there is a LOT of it.

People talk of how approaching seven billion, or already exceeded it in 2011 of the world population. If you are vegan it is estimate about one acer per person. If you prefer the hunter/gather method. More like ten acres per person. So I am going to take a harder science at that and figured that with technology and more micro-climate awareness etc, it should come out to roughly five acres per person. How? Not all plants need to grow on the surface of earth. Multi-level farming is a fairly new method in terms of how much of it is being done on a large scale. Multi-level has been done for centuries in small gardens around the world. But tackling it for large scale populace is a different methodology.  Right now, most of it in the United States is being done around large cities to decrease the amount of time, effort, and packing it takes to get food to the table. The closer you get, the better the food. Fully ripen food is better and more nutrious than partly ripe, under green, and hard like a baseball!

So for a planet that growing in human population (but many of the animals and needed bugs are not as of now, doing as well. Bees anyone?)

Besides the growing of things to eat, we also need room to take care of our waste, make drinking water (we are way past being able to drink from a stream. Even in the Himalayas tip top mountains there are pollutants! So many who believe that the only way to save the earth is not to have children. Well there is a problem with THAT. Most of those who chose not to have children tend to be well educated and are power brokers. Some use the reasoning that there are too many people to begin with. My argument is this, we are adapting. We are tackling the problem of how to live on a heavily populated world. I for one am  optimistic that we will adapt well because we are survivors first. Co-creators is something that also comes naturally to our speices. Rather than being overly worried about our population numbers, I would be more concern about the man-men (and they do tend to be male) who chose a life of crime and terror control of where ever they live. Drug Lords, Mini Kings, and Zealots of the worst kind (I mean that in a multi-national way btw). What is really pushing the space issue is not so much the number of humanity, but how we share. There is a tremendous desire to OWN things first, share when there is only when there is plenty.

Bit by bit some cultures are changing in seeing that sharing is actually more profitable than keeping the best for yourself, in the long run. For example, multi-level farming (This video site DOES have Captions but they are a bit haphazard to read. If anyone knows a better site with similar information, LMK). Can you imagine a skyscraper being turned into a farming that can feed thousands of people? This site talks just about that. There are amazing benefits when used the right way.

Then there is a more argumentative suggestion too. Start Colonizing other planets. It is a natural progression for us. Something that will take a couple hundred years for us to be fluent in how we do this. There will be casualties as well, any actions to work in non-native soil tends to require the acceptance that death is part of the learning curve. That does not argue that we should not do it. Some might find it odd that a Catholic would argue for us to go to the moon and beyond. After all, don’t I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back one day? Would he gather the people on Mars, the Moon, or Jupiter and other places? Yes he will. What we really need to understand, is that we will be carrying home with us. So how can I argue for us to spend so much resources going off planet when we should take care of what we have right now and right here? It is this, going off planet is very much like having children. It is, in my mind, our birthright to explore. The main thing is to take what we have learned here as humans, and apply it as our best selves, out there as well as at home. Space Travel has had a profound impact on our understanding of who and whom we are. It is not a thing to be feared in that in pricing the blackness we will become less. In fact I have every faith we will find more and greater Glory to God than we can perceive right now. If only because we see it from a new window on to life.

Nancy Louise

Writing outside of NaNoWriMo.

IMG_3916 copy“From The Grasp Of Time.” is a novel I am writing now to the tune of 50,000 words minimum. It is a YA novel and frankly a very Catholic one. I will be aiming this one at religious publishing houses for YA books. Like in the vein of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. Others also have written in that vein so its not an unusual method. This is also not my first novel. I have one that being edited now that was written during the 2013 year. 2014 I decided not to write a new book, but work on the one I already had. I then shopped for an editor for it. I would have been done with it by now, but took a six month pause, while saving up for a new computer after my old one (and two others) were stolen from  our home the Morning of December 26, 2014. I was in agony while waiting and of myself writing by hand again. Something I used to figure it was waste of time and energy because I have to re-write thing to get them digitized. That when I realized I was mistaken. In many way, sketches by writing or drawing actually made the book better. I am after all an Visual Artist  Storyteller. Something that only typing the words out the first time, often misses things I see in my minds eye, but not always have the vocabulary ready to describe it.

Writing is a labor of love and occasional exasperation. It is also at times, an ego trip. I also find, I actually do more walking and exercise when I write regularly. If only because ones backside can only sit for a certain amount of time before feeling flees the flesh.

Heres to all in your writing adventures. Just make sure you take plenty of stops to stretch and drink healthy water to keep your inner ink fluid. you later writers!

Nancy Louise

Newtown: Pictures
This photo of Newtown is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The year is 2024 Tommy Jones is twenty two years of age, Susie his younger sister is seventeen. It is a beautiful day and both are going about looking for Christmas gifts for their folks and stopping for a simple lunch together, enjoying each others company as Susie misses her brother who been away at college. Suddenly a lanky young man dressed all in black and a bulge in his jacket, and anger on his face is coming down the street,  car goes by and backfires. Susie dives for the sidewalk screaming, Tommy ducks down. Both realized it was a car, there is no gun. Even the young man was on the street, his girlfriend coming out of somewhere, yelling “I am sorry!” they hug and make up. For Tommy and Susie, the beautiful day is shattered. They entered the diner, order and try to eat. Tommy who was not at Sandy Hook but at another school while shaken is recovering slowly. Susie however, is a survivor from the school twelve years before. In a flash, 12 years of work to put distance between her and that day have been whipped and shattered. Her right eye twitches involuntarily, she is shaking. As the day and week goes by, she feels exhausted, jumpy, raw and hyper-viligent as she keeps an eye out for danger.

The above scenario is of course fiction, but not impossible. The day before the horror of that Friday, on Thursday I was accosted by an aggressive panhandler who was very drunk. I was not harmed and while shaken was able to walk away from it unscathed, mostly. Unfortunately it also brought back ferociously a trauma, a serious deep one over 40 years of age, that forever shaped my young brain as these young children in Newtown Conn. have had theirs shaped by the gunman last week. Depending on their personalities, life adaptions, support systems and a great deal of other things, will determined how well they recover from the trauma the survivors recover from. For these children, it is very possible some of them will have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and maybe for life if the stress is not managed and taken care of properly. I hope not. Having PTSD for life is very disorganizing and disruptive in one’s life and can be quite disabling. I would hate to see any one of the surviving children who came out of this alive, also have a life of health, killed off, because of what they survived. Pray for them too, that in some measure, they can get back some of the small town they loved.


Nancy Louise