What growing in my brain?

In looking for photos of deaf cats I came across this link.


In short its a paper (just one page) of why implants for deafness works for some but not others. They used cats born deaf to try and see what happens to their brains. My guess is they didn’t use cat scans for this (tears). The results were that some cats actually have developed more cells in their area of the brain that receives the signals to translates as sound in our minds. Remember all sound is waves, there is not actually any noise per say out there, we just perceive it that way because of how our brain developed. We could have just as easily developed to SEE the sound, Smell the sound, or any other way that organisms can develop senses for. ¬†Example would be the Mantis Shrimp, which can see not only more colors but more spectral vision than we have tools for apparently. So, if a mean Shrimp (it is said to be rather violent) can have that, well what else can’t. My point is that sounds are not sounds, they are waves. So these devices were made to stimulate the area of the brain by passing the damage area to give the brain charges it needs to “hear” again. Apparently in doing so, it allows some cats (and humans I supposed) to re-grow areas that had gone damaged without stimuli.

Its an interesting thing to read, and just throwing some information out there. Its also greatly disturbing to realized I wear daily a device that cost the lives of, I would imagine, thousands of beloved felines.

Nancy Louise

PS this is our Deaf kitty, she has no implant, never will. She is happy. She the tiny (full grown) one on the right. Next to her is BIG Sammy who is 20 pounds. Yeah, she likes snuggles with him.