Slapping people is not nice!

First off, let’s us put up a small list of grievances I have received directed to my behavior. I who do my best to be a dear little angel who only blest. ( O.K. Friends of mine you can get off the ground and stop laughing now….)

1. I give my dog water to drink in a restaurant, from the same glass which will be washed will then be used by others…

He helps me so you don't have to...
He helps me so you don’t have to…

2. I am very insistent in getting answers to annoying questions people Try to evade me on…

image image

3. My acting cute and adorable gets on people’s nerves…


#3, you think I out grow this by now. After all I am over the age of five! But it works so well in getting me out of trouble! Humm maybe I need to get in less trouble and be more ‘old’? (Belch).

#2. Nope, not giving this one up, so knock that off your wish list for behaviors you wish I would change.

#1. This one, well it’s tough. I will make a point to bring HIS glass with me from now on. I was scolded in public recently for this by our waitress, after receiving a complaint seeing me give my dog water. She then informed me the glass had to now be destroyed so the customer would know it was not going back in with the others. When I protested that the glasses are washed, the waitresses said they could be sued for breech of hygiene. I became very quiet and compliant. And said I was quite sorry. Ironically, the number of things we can catch from a dog then washed glass is far less than we can from each other. But perception is often 90 percent of how the law is applied. So I will give him water from cups I bring in. The public perception of people with service dogs has been badly damaged by those who broke the law just to bring their pets in with them.

So I am going to put out a plea to all dog lovers, animal lovers etc. Next time you want to bring your pet into an establishment forbidding animals, DONT. PLEASE DONT. You will not only be hurting us, but yourselves as insensitive dog dolts dummies who bring their flea bags every where. Even when they are not. Those who have medical service animals, please keep up with their training. Not only for your own safety, but for others of us in your community.

That is my Christmas Wish for us all, that we get along, people and their loving dogs (or ponies, or felines, etc.).


Patriots of every stripe.

I consider myself a Patriotic American. Most hear that phrase think of conservative, white, middle class or upper class, most likely Republican and age 60 and older, aging Boomers or if Libertarian, then maybe in their 20’s. These are extremely broad stroked generalities and irony is finding a group of people who really fit the profile like that can be difficult, unless you happen to have a rally for a photo shoot and forget to ask questions of them and why they are there.

You wouldn’t find me at such a Rally though. For one thing my patriotism has what some would call a liberal streak a mile wide. I always thought what I had was a compassionate streak. We can all agree to disagree on labels for the moment and lets move on the the meat of what I am really trying to get at here.


Patriots, Privacy, and the Possible Riot act of 2013. I find it interesting that the word Patriots includes the word Riots in it and Pat in front. So Patriots Pat Riots? Maybe they do, maybe they go around patting little riot makers on the head, or the behind. At least it seems like that what they do most of the time. I see a lot of noise, but not a lot of sense. Examples.

A). If no one likes having their privacy invaded. Well then, turn off the dang thing that being invaded as a group. Do it as a big enough group for a span of say six months? Serious money could be lost and well, I would say that would be a very “pat riot” right there.

B). If you have something that making you unwell, you don’t go to the doctor and say, ” I really like to keep my leg, but I love to kick people all day, can you make then stop kicking me back so I don’t get bruised?”

You either learn to fight better, or fight differently. The doctor isn’t going to be able to help you, except maybe to take Vitamin B to help your veins bruise a little less… Or better yet, change your stratagem. Bigger point is to figure out whom you really need help from. Point is, complaining about the Patriot Act or NSA or any of this is just as ineffective. If you don’t like it, then make an agreement with your friends or what not to do one of two things or don’t.

1. Stop using the electronic devices that are allegedly being used to spy on you. Seek alternate devices or services that resist such efforts of allowing their customers to be spied on.

2. Figured its a price to pay for have global access and act accordingly to make sure your behavior is proper, kind of like not yelling “Hi Jack!” in an airport.

I for one am not the believer in “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” mentality. It is just too easy for bits and pieces of data to be strung together to make a legal noose around anyone’s neck to hang them with. Stray phrases, odd searches on line (trust me as a writer I have done a lot of those), connections with people that might be tied to terrorist organization (I live in one of the most diverse Cities in the world, you figure it out, who doesn’t look suspicious here to someone living in a hidey hole in DC? Someone eating Sushi with salsa is going to look suspicious. BTW California Roll with Salsa is really delicious.)

Like it or not, statements can get you in hot water. As I walked out a store the other night, I realized I said on camera the following statement.

“The reason women don’t murder as much as men, is because we have Chocolate!” I was making a joke. I also saw a look of fear in the young merchants eye and a flicker towards the camera. Even my son was trying to make it more silly by adding men have video games. To which I added, “Bah, games, sc-names, Chocolate, much better!” as I walked out though I did have to wonder, will the FBI be on my tail if someone I am associated with, dies? Looking over my shoulders now…

Nancy Louise


If a pizza is a vegetable, can I have extra meat with that?

When I first heard that the law governing the crossing of cabbage from one state line to another was 27,000 words long, I was dumbfounded and wondered why. So I went and took a gander at it to see why. In doing so, I found the whole thing was a piece of American Folklore. The familiar quote went something like this.

“The Lord’s Prayer is 66 words, the Gettysburg Address is 286 words, and there are 1,322 words in the Declaration of Independence, but U.S. government regulations on the sale of cabbage total 26,911 words.”      National Review

So this brings to mind, how many words did it take to change a pizza to a vegetable for school lunches? The real coreof the story however, is less stellar for entertainment.

As for trying to pull the wool over your Mom or spouse’s eyes for Pizza being nutritious enough to beat out a salad, don’t bother. It might have much nutrients packed in that pasta sauce, but the grease from meat, cheese kill it. If you made it a whole wheat and mostly fresh vegetable with minimum cheese, then you are starting to talk more healthy, but what’s the fun in that? Now about that healthy burger, fries and shake. Would you believe a boca,burger, baked fries, and a smoothie, no sugar instead?

 Nah, bring on the Cheese fries and a chocolate shake, but don’t tell my doctor!
Nancy Louise