Space, and there is a LOT of it.

People talk of how approaching seven billion, or already exceeded it in 2011 of the world population. If you are vegan it is estimate about one acer per person. If you prefer the hunter/gather method. More like ten acres per person. So I am going to take a harder science at that and figured that with technology and more micro-climate awareness etc, it should come out to roughly five acres per person. How? Not all plants need to grow on the surface of earth. Multi-level farming is a fairly new method in terms of how much of it is being done on a large scale. Multi-level has been done for centuries in small gardens around the world. But tackling it for large scale populace is a different methodology.  Right now, most of it in the United States is being done around large cities to decrease the amount of time, effort, and packing it takes to get food to the table. The closer you get, the better the food. Fully ripen food is better and more nutrious than partly ripe, under green, and hard like a baseball!

So for a planet that growing in human population (but many of the animals and needed bugs are not as of now, doing as well. Bees anyone?)

Besides the growing of things to eat, we also need room to take care of our waste, make drinking water (we are way past being able to drink from a stream. Even in the Himalayas tip top mountains there are pollutants! So many who believe that the only way to save the earth is not to have children. Well there is a problem with THAT. Most of those who chose not to have children tend to be well educated and are power brokers. Some use the reasoning that there are too many people to begin with. My argument is this, we are adapting. We are tackling the problem of how to live on a heavily populated world. I for one am  optimistic that we will adapt well because we are survivors first. Co-creators is something that also comes naturally to our speices. Rather than being overly worried about our population numbers, I would be more concern about the man-men (and they do tend to be male) who chose a life of crime and terror control of where ever they live. Drug Lords, Mini Kings, and Zealots of the worst kind (I mean that in a multi-national way btw). What is really pushing the space issue is not so much the number of humanity, but how we share. There is a tremendous desire to OWN things first, share when there is only when there is plenty.

Bit by bit some cultures are changing in seeing that sharing is actually more profitable than keeping the best for yourself, in the long run. For example, multi-level farming (This video site DOES have Captions but they are a bit haphazard to read. If anyone knows a better site with similar information, LMK). Can you imagine a skyscraper being turned into a farming that can feed thousands of people? This site talks just about that. There are amazing benefits when used the right way.

Then there is a more argumentative suggestion too. Start Colonizing other planets. It is a natural progression for us. Something that will take a couple hundred years for us to be fluent in how we do this. There will be casualties as well, any actions to work in non-native soil tends to require the acceptance that death is part of the learning curve. That does not argue that we should not do it. Some might find it odd that a Catholic would argue for us to go to the moon and beyond. After all, don’t I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back one day? Would he gather the people on Mars, the Moon, or Jupiter and other places? Yes he will. What we really need to understand, is that we will be carrying home with us. So how can I argue for us to spend so much resources going off planet when we should take care of what we have right now and right here? It is this, going off planet is very much like having children. It is, in my mind, our birthright to explore. The main thing is to take what we have learned here as humans, and apply it as our best selves, out there as well as at home. Space Travel has had a profound impact on our understanding of who and whom we are. It is not a thing to be feared in that in pricing the blackness we will become less. In fact I have every faith we will find more and greater Glory to God than we can perceive right now. If only because we see it from a new window on to life.

Nancy Louise


Dancing in the wind…

Autumn happens in California. Seriously it does. We might not get the spectacular colors of the north east United States. Some places do get nippy though, especially in the farther Northern parts of the State and in the mountains. We have mostly evergreen trees rather than the ones that shed their leaves. What is more, is the evergreens are more able to tolerate drought than deciduous trees. This website shows drought tolerant trees of Northern California, most of them are either a variety of Pine, or Oaks.

Drought is part of the natural cycle of California. Media says its the worst since California became a state in 1850. I disagree. What makes it “worst” is the population that lives here using water that was never really meant to be used for other things like Fracking, and water heavy dependent aquaculture and water heavy farming, like rice. Growing up in the Valley, I used to see large fields of rice growing and thought nothing of it, till my Father pointed out how this was not natural. I could understand if we had regular flooding in that area (seasonal) that one could use it to grow rice. But not all the time, as droughts are a regular occurrence in California. As the larger type of seasonal things happen, the “season” over decades of droughts WILL happen. What it requires is more long term thinking of how to use water not just on a year by year basis of seasons, but decade and even Century or a thousand years looking at water usage and water obtaining from rain to snow.

This means not only what we do on the ground, but how we effect the air as well. Frankly we should live always as if we are in a drought to keep water flowing at realistic rates for our population.

Nancy Louise

A Mortal Sin Finally Absolved, The Murder Of A Small Soul

Sewage Cover
Sewage Cover

This is not written in mockery, nor is this some kind of Onion copycat against the Catholic Church. I am Roman Catholic and I do write this in all seriousness. I murdered a slug.

Now that some of you have either stopped snorting or simply changed the Internet channel. Let me give you the drama that lead to this whole misfortune. It was summer in the Northern California Valley, the kind people like to tease about cooking eggs on asphalt. Thing is most don't seem to show cooking one on an iron manhole, those get hot too, really hot. I also was cooking a hot temper that August. Ready to head back to school packing my pocket knife which had a blade just over 3 1/2 inches long. I was ready to start using on a few people who been hurting me for so long and who were going to follow me from one school Junior high to High school. I spotted a slug, innocent in some grass that had been watered. I focused on a face of some I hated and fixed it on the slug and placed the slug on the iron manhole baking in the afternoon sun.

I relished for a bare second then realized it was a slug and cried no! I grabbed it and desperately tried to help the creature. It died and it suffered by frying to death. Something inside of me broke and I cried for years. When I became Catholic wanted to be absolved. No one wanted to absolved me over a dead bug. I finally asked to be absolved of the anger to the people I pretended was the slug. On that I was, but I still felt for the slug. Until I had a dream.

In this dream I met another Catholic who been brought up in China and whose world view was very much one of seeing thing like Buddhist do, even if you are not. In his hand he presented to me the still dead slug.

This soul, do you not realized it was a small sacrifice for you?
What do you mean?
You had wished to do bodily harm to others. You carried great pain, anger, and hatred in your heart. You were already killing.
Yes I know.
What happened when the slug began to die?
I felt great anguished for making it suffer. It had done nothing to deserve this.
Just as Christ did for us. Yes Did you feel Compassion?
And the hatred?
Much anger and hatred was there but it was blunted. I suddenly remembered again that life is sacred.
Imagined if you had used your knife even once or even attempted it. How things might have been different for you?
Oh yes. So in a small way, that little soul died to help you save your soul so God can use your time here on Earth in better ways.
I turned to body in my hand. I am so sorry little one. Forgive me. Thank you for teaching me.
The slug healed then turned to its own kind of Earth soul and left.
I understand now. I am absolved at last. I thank you my brother in Christ for you help in this.
I thank you my sister in that I can be of service. Until in Christ we meet again.

When I awoke another puzzle fell in place. The sin was greater that I wanted to hurt the people yes. But it took a small innocent creature to sadly remind me, that while I am capable of causing harm, it is not the way of the cross which I hold dear. And it took a slug acting the part of Christ to remind of that. Two days after the slug died, my Parents stumble across a Catholic School in our neighborhood they never heard about. It was the answer to all their problems. I was mad about not being able to confront my enemies. God by then was moving things to put me in his service... As for the knife, I still have it. But it only cuts salami and pine branches for s'mores.

For the Contact Form, I am sorry. I tried hand coding and all that and I still can't get it right. If you want to use it, bear with me to delete my names and put in yours. Smile... Thanks...

Say What?

Norm Chomsky, B. F. Skinner, and others are names that tumble off lips of linguistics and behavior students and professors of language and its acquisition. Many will reference to these giants for all languages. My question is, who are those that are the giants in those that acquire language in a visual way? Many of these articles they have published are primary about with with no blocks to their acquiring the language of their environment. The studies are about how language is acquired and how can it be improved for those whom there may be issues in acquiring it or to use the environment and application of training to improve current methods in education. Even Dr. Spock was a part of all this. What interest me is these names come mostly from my generation of people. What about new thinkers? What if anything has been discovered in neural science?

I want to know more what is known about language about children who acquire language base on visual rather than audio. Why? My story is not typical of many deafen kids. “Exception to the rule” was something I heard pretty much all my life, and got sick of it. Still do. But so you do understand where I come from I will be clear and explain that I picked up English later than other children. While labeled profoundly deaf, I was able to make use of powerful hearing aides. Audiologist and others who worked with me are convinced I must of been born hearing. If  I was I have no memory of it or of learning to speak easily. My language was quite mangled and most consisted of pointing to things to get what I needed. Age six and half I obtained my first hearing aids and while I had home studies for speech I got my first professional speech therapist around second grade.  Reading I remembered suddenly made sense to me when a teacher showing my little brother how to read in kindergarten showed a picture of a ball, and the word, dog and a picture of a Cocker Spaniel. Suddenly I began to get the idea and opened a book near by with pictures of a ball and a dog.  Mom ended up bring home books like those for my brother. I began to use them too and remembered in time I figured out how to read, I was close to nine at the time.  Eventually I could read beyond my age group, but could not read aloud very well as many of the words I had no idea how to pronounce. I only was able to guess their meanings from context of sentences and because I was told to use the dictionary and encyclopedia a lot. So over time I did acquire language. I eventually got a BFA and MA in spite of the fact my parents were told they would be lucky if I could graduate high school by age twenty two and if I had children I would need help as they expected my mental development to be delayed as well. Even going to college was not encouraged, but I was stubborn and demanded a way in.

So how kids get language visually is of great interest to me as a teacher and as a student. I plan to write some blogs here about this. Not about various devices used to enhance sounds for deaf – hearing impaired children. Because frankly they still need to rely on visual abilities to gain access to language no matter how well they eventually learn to use the audio aspects of any device they may or may not use. For accuracy if anyone would like to point out some relevant information they found useful, please send me the information. I would also love to interview any Parents and their story of teaching their children access to language as well.

Nancy Louise

Slapping people is not nice!

First off, let’s us put up a small list of grievances I have received directed to my behavior. I who do my best to be a dear little angel who only blest. ( O.K. Friends of mine you can get off the ground and stop laughing now….)

1. I give my dog water to drink in a restaurant, from the same glass which will be washed will then be used by others…

He helps me so you don't have to...
He helps me so you don’t have to…

2. I am very insistent in getting answers to annoying questions people Try to evade me on…

image image

3. My acting cute and adorable gets on people’s nerves…


#3, you think I out grow this by now. After all I am over the age of five! But it works so well in getting me out of trouble! Humm maybe I need to get in less trouble and be more ‘old’? (Belch).

#2. Nope, not giving this one up, so knock that off your wish list for behaviors you wish I would change.

#1. This one, well it’s tough. I will make a point to bring HIS glass with me from now on. I was scolded in public recently for this by our waitress, after receiving a complaint seeing me give my dog water. She then informed me the glass had to now be destroyed so the customer would know it was not going back in with the others. When I protested that the glasses are washed, the waitresses said they could be sued for breech of hygiene. I became very quiet and compliant. And said I was quite sorry. Ironically, the number of things we can catch from a dog then washed glass is far less than we can from each other. But perception is often 90 percent of how the law is applied. So I will give him water from cups I bring in. The public perception of people with service dogs has been badly damaged by those who broke the law just to bring their pets in with them.

So I am going to put out a plea to all dog lovers, animal lovers etc. Next time you want to bring your pet into an establishment forbidding animals, DONT. PLEASE DONT. You will not only be hurting us, but yourselves as insensitive dog dolts dummies who bring their flea bags every where. Even when they are not. Those who have medical service animals, please keep up with their training. Not only for your own safety, but for others of us in your community.

That is my Christmas Wish for us all, that we get along, people and their loving dogs (or ponies, or felines, etc.).

Digits of Errors


“The Digital Evolution” has always struck me as a rather quaint and silly phrasing. Of course people who coined it were mostly focused on the term digital in technology, not digits as in fingers. Or as the Webster Dictionary would say.

digit a count of numbers 0 – 9, fingers or toes. The link is lot more intensive of course.

digital showing time with numbers instead of minute and hour hands. Also more intensive meanings at the site.

Now take those words and add it with the word, Library. Granted, Digital can and does mean the collection of information by means of 01 and 00 (for now). And a library is indeed a collection of information at its most basic service. So if one was to break it down to the bear digits, the digital library would make logical digital sense in providing information in the most proficient way to the masses. Or is it?

I have been a lover of books since before I can remember. Vivid stories of how I tried to bury my baby brother at age 4 in a well intended idea of letting him see all the books we had (he was in the baby buggy and Mom had stepped out of the room for just a moment while I lovingly place Golden Books all over him like a blanket. Such cute stories like that can’t happen with digital books… Collections of books on your reading pad can be fun, great to read where ever you go. I loved having digital books for college, oh the weight they saved me of carrying around. I also however loved to walk between the walls of bounded paper, muffling the consent vibrations of people, to touch the manuscripts of research from authors now long gone, but live on to pass on their wisome. Let’s face it, not all knowledge is fresh and twenty seconds ago. Someone has to research archives. Yet digital libraries around the world can widen access to libraries like nothing else as long as the technology accessibility also follows. Technology like the printing press revolutionized civilization and greatly equalized access to knowledge. Digital access can do the same. I suspect however, just as there are still old printing presses and cherished books and manual type and hand bound books, so will there be some libraries with treasured tomes kept in storage for the elite. Once again books will become the rare treasure of the few, but the information within them, will become more of the masses than Gutenberg could have ever dreamed. It is a digit al evolution, indeed.

Patriots of every stripe.

I consider myself a Patriotic American. Most hear that phrase think of conservative, white, middle class or upper class, most likely Republican and age 60 and older, aging Boomers or if Libertarian, then maybe in their 20’s. These are extremely broad stroked generalities and irony is finding a group of people who really fit the profile like that can be difficult, unless you happen to have a rally for a photo shoot and forget to ask questions of them and why they are there.

You wouldn’t find me at such a Rally though. For one thing my patriotism has what some would call a liberal streak a mile wide. I always thought what I had was a compassionate streak. We can all agree to disagree on labels for the moment and lets move on the the meat of what I am really trying to get at here.


Patriots, Privacy, and the Possible Riot act of 2013. I find it interesting that the word Patriots includes the word Riots in it and Pat in front. So Patriots Pat Riots? Maybe they do, maybe they go around patting little riot makers on the head, or the behind. At least it seems like that what they do most of the time. I see a lot of noise, but not a lot of sense. Examples.

A). If no one likes having their privacy invaded. Well then, turn off the dang thing that being invaded as a group. Do it as a big enough group for a span of say six months? Serious money could be lost and well, I would say that would be a very “pat riot” right there.

B). If you have something that making you unwell, you don’t go to the doctor and say, ” I really like to keep my leg, but I love to kick people all day, can you make then stop kicking me back so I don’t get bruised?”

You either learn to fight better, or fight differently. The doctor isn’t going to be able to help you, except maybe to take Vitamin B to help your veins bruise a little less… Or better yet, change your stratagem. Bigger point is to figure out whom you really need help from. Point is, complaining about the Patriot Act or NSA or any of this is just as ineffective. If you don’t like it, then make an agreement with your friends or what not to do one of two things or don’t.

1. Stop using the electronic devices that are allegedly being used to spy on you. Seek alternate devices or services that resist such efforts of allowing their customers to be spied on.

2. Figured its a price to pay for have global access and act accordingly to make sure your behavior is proper, kind of like not yelling “Hi Jack!” in an airport.

I for one am not the believer in “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” mentality. It is just too easy for bits and pieces of data to be strung together to make a legal noose around anyone’s neck to hang them with. Stray phrases, odd searches on line (trust me as a writer I have done a lot of those), connections with people that might be tied to terrorist organization (I live in one of the most diverse Cities in the world, you figure it out, who doesn’t look suspicious here to someone living in a hidey hole in DC? Someone eating Sushi with salsa is going to look suspicious. BTW California Roll with Salsa is really delicious.)

Like it or not, statements can get you in hot water. As I walked out a store the other night, I realized I said on camera the following statement.

“The reason women don’t murder as much as men, is because we have Chocolate!” I was making a joke. I also saw a look of fear in the young merchants eye and a flicker towards the camera. Even my son was trying to make it more silly by adding men have video games. To which I added, “Bah, games, sc-names, Chocolate, much better!” as I walked out though I did have to wonder, will the FBI be on my tail if someone I am associated with, dies? Looking over my shoulders now…

Nancy Louise