I am an Author/Artist/Activist and a well loved Mom. I am also a Catholic, a Borg (an affectionate name for CI Implantee among Sci-Fic folks) who teaches Sunday School to Deaf & Hearing Children of all ages as the Director of Religious Education at St. Benedict Church for the Deaf. If you were to peek into our home, you would usually find me covered with one or more of our four cats, or my one dog, while I crane my neck trying to write, and answer the Video Phone, IM, or Answer Questions of whomever happens to be in the room, including my dog with his bonk bonk black nose. Yes, I do sometimes wish I had a small cabin tucked away where I can work alone for a while, or heck a hotel room would be great too. Alas however, there no room in the budget for such luxuries (yet).

On these pages I will write about what catches my activist mind. Meaning the Animal Lover Activist, The Environmental Activist, the Social Justice Activist, and the rarest one around, “Didn’t your Mother teach you any manners” activist. So, check me out for my serious rants, and some one liners (or at least efforts at them). And please, feel free to comment with thoughts worth your time to speak of. Foul language is not worth anyone’s time, so please use plain English, thanks. You can also contact me


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