Who Names The Moon – Backstory

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Who Names The Moon.

A Backstory by N.L.McCormick

She was so tiny and in many ways a perfect little life form. Her ears had been made to not hear, in order, she might hear more of the mind. Her legs shortened to conform more with the master species view of beauty, short form and large well planted feet. Her hands not yet callused from walking would muscle up in time, but for now, she was cradled like so many other babies in the ward.

“Doctor, she is ready to be viewed.” and the Nurse handed her over to the head female of the clan.

“Her nose is a bit pointed, but it is common for her species if she has genes from the Northern climes of her planet. Her hair, however, more from the southern equator. A nice mix. What is this tiny white patch of hair?”

“That is something that is common to the type of deafness she has. We eliminated the possibility of blindness.”

“ Ah yes, in their language, Usher Syndrome.” the doctor tried to pronounce the human language English for it and failed. The nurse knew better than to correct the doctor. She was of the Royal House of the Rainy Plains. The nurse herself was of the lower caste born in the swamps of Dubi.

“Did the other eggs hatch as well as this one?”

“Yes doctor, all the same, healthy results.”

“Good, put them through their anti-puberty injections and have them ready to be released in seven of their growth cycles. They will make fine Pets.”

“Yes doctor.” said the Nurse as she watched the six-legged creature moved out of the room. Large reptilian eyes looked upon the child in her warm-blooded arms.

“I am so sorry little one. Your life will be hard, but you will have a life. May the great circle be yours.” and she flicked a quick tongue over the child in baptism as she did the whole ward.

Then placing the child down as she began injections.

The next dawn, the nurse was removed from the ward, her head gone from her body. Religious actions were not tolerated and she was found out. However, her prayers were heard, and they would follow the children of long ago and now dead, Earth.