Saints and saints a PP presentation.

Saints and saints

All believers in God Almighty and his commandments who have been baptized into the faith, are saints. Remaining a saint requires active participation in your faith (Attending Mass or Church), staying free of at least the major sins (see the ten commandments) and serving in your community and family in some way that embodies your faith. If you do all of this and are willing to die for your faith, you might also make it to becoming a Saint.

That in a nutshell is what separates us saints from the big league. So if you do not become a Saint, do we go to a quasi hell, call purgatory?

  1. First off Purgatory is not hell. As this article states, its is more like the Summer School  of getting to Heaven. Any pain experienced is spiritual, not physical.
  2. It is not because we need punishment, but because we need final healing from our sinful choices we did not let go of before dying. Like that Twinkie you chose to have instead of sticking to a healthy diet. (Been there, done that, forgive me Lord…).
  3. You need to clean yourself of wrong choices from your sinful life. Or you can daily expunge those things and live a prayerful holy life. As always, it is YOUR Choice.

A Saint is someone who is believed to have succeeded in doing this. Shown by Signs and Miracles done after they die, plus possible proven miracles done in their lives before they died. Like a more recent Saint Padre Pio . He suffered greatly and love through God most willingly. For most of us, we live day by day chasing dreams of better living. Saints go day by day chasing ways to make life more holy for others and then themselves.

Start off by donating with out grimace $1.00 plus the number of pennies or change = to days of the month you are in. Donate it daily to something your Church or Parish runs. As you do this, give thanks for what you have and pray for those whom you know are dead. With these baby steps, that do not stop, you will find your path more straight and if you look for it, more signs of grace than you ever seen before. Give it a try for one month and tell about your experience.