Space, and there is a LOT of it.

People talk of how approaching seven billion, or already exceeded it in 2011 of the world population. If you are vegan it is estimate about one acer per person. If you prefer the hunter/gather method. More like ten acres per person. So I am going to take a harder science at that and figured that with technology and more micro-climate awareness etc, it should come out to roughly five acres per person. How? Not all plants need to grow on the surface of earth. Multi-level farming is a fairly new method in terms of how much of it is being done on a large scale. Multi-level has been done for centuries in small gardens around the world. But tackling it for large scale populace is a different methodology.  Right now, most of it in the United States is being done around large cities to decrease the amount of time, effort, and packing it takes to get food to the table. The closer you get, the better the food. Fully ripen food is better and more nutrious than partly ripe, under green, and hard like a baseball!

So for a planet that growing in human population (but many of the animals and needed bugs are not as of now, doing as well. Bees anyone?)

Besides the growing of things to eat, we also need room to take care of our waste, make drinking water (we are way past being able to drink from a stream. Even in the Himalayas tip top mountains there are pollutants! So many who believe that the only way to save the earth is not to have children. Well there is a problem with THAT. Most of those who chose not to have children tend to be well educated and are power brokers. Some use the reasoning that there are too many people to begin with. My argument is this, we are adapting. We are tackling the problem of how to live on a heavily populated world. I for one am  optimistic that we will adapt well because we are survivors first. Co-creators is something that also comes naturally to our speices. Rather than being overly worried about our population numbers, I would be more concern about the man-men (and they do tend to be male) who chose a life of crime and terror control of where ever they live. Drug Lords, Mini Kings, and Zealots of the worst kind (I mean that in a multi-national way btw). What is really pushing the space issue is not so much the number of humanity, but how we share. There is a tremendous desire to OWN things first, share when there is only when there is plenty.

Bit by bit some cultures are changing in seeing that sharing is actually more profitable than keeping the best for yourself, in the long run. For example, multi-level farming (This video site DOES have Captions but they are a bit haphazard to read. If anyone knows a better site with similar information, LMK). Can you imagine a skyscraper being turned into a farming that can feed thousands of people? This site talks just about that. There are amazing benefits when used the right way.

Then there is a more argumentative suggestion too. Start Colonizing other planets. It is a natural progression for us. Something that will take a couple hundred years for us to be fluent in how we do this. There will be casualties as well, any actions to work in non-native soil tends to require the acceptance that death is part of the learning curve. That does not argue that we should not do it. Some might find it odd that a Catholic would argue for us to go to the moon and beyond. After all, don’t I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back one day? Would he gather the people on Mars, the Moon, or Jupiter and other places? Yes he will. What we really need to understand, is that we will be carrying home with us. So how can I argue for us to spend so much resources going off planet when we should take care of what we have right now and right here? It is this, going off planet is very much like having children. It is, in my mind, our birthright to explore. The main thing is to take what we have learned here as humans, and apply it as our best selves, out there as well as at home. Space Travel has had a profound impact on our understanding of who and whom we are. It is not a thing to be feared in that in pricing the blackness we will become less. In fact I have every faith we will find more and greater Glory to God than we can perceive right now. If only because we see it from a new window on to life.

Nancy Louise


ASL and the ‘Performance’ stigma in the pulpit.

I attend a Deaf Inclusive Church. Hearing of course are welcomed and many are our family members and close friends. However, when it comes to how sign in forms of ASL or Sign English is done, there is pretty much a split mostly down the middle as to how much ASL Expression is used in conveying the readings or music. I am one of those Deaf people who is known for my expressive talents. However, I have also been scolded by being too expressive and there by turning it into a performance. Au contraire (on the contrary) I must dispute this. For one thing, I have NEVER performed at my Parish. No one has ever SEEN me performed. There is a very visual difference between someone performing a piece from say, Shakespeare to doing a reading in the proper expressive language of American Sign Language. Signing with a dead pan face that is so often accepted as the normative norm is simply killing the reading and music. For those of you are hearing, I must ask you when you have attended readings in a hearing church, is the voice mono-toned? Or do you have the natural vocal range? Have you attended Mass/Church where a person has practice and delivers a well toned reading?

My argument would be, that most of you who hear will say ‘Yes’. May I also be so bold as to surmise that upon hearing a well spoken reading verses a panned, awkwardly spoken one, leaves you feeling wanting and a well rehearsed one with the tonal expressions in the right place, uplifted and learned?

American Sign Language and indeed ANY signed language depends on facial and body language to give out the tones one reads. One writing expresses this about performance of ASL very well. Most Deaf do not really “get” music. Unless you have someone who knows what they are doing. Say what “Half and Half” do. In their case, they perform music to a very satisfied customer right here. I just saw them for the Christmas Music spectacular. Want to see a performance in ASL, the Interfaith Gospel Choir as done by Half and Half had me getting out of my chair! That a lot to say for a woman who still has 100 pounds to lose. What they do is perform, but they also do not over take the music. Especially if they are sharing the stage.

A reading and performance of music in a Deaf Church can be a touchy topic. I do not think it needs to be. What I think needs to be, is how we are reaching the people. Do they understand what been said in the reading? For the most part, very sadly, I am told no or they have no memory of it. (***SIGH***) in other words, utter fail. We need to KNOW for real how ASL works as a LANGUAGE. If there is no expression, you are not expressing the language only half empty gestures.

Nancy Louise