How to be unique.

Trying to come up with a YA (young adult) story that can sell these days is not easy. I needed to write something I wanted to write, yet also something that could sell. My story uniqueness has to do with the audience I feel is underserved. Children and Young Adults who have disabilities. No I am not talking about people who are ‘different’. Those who have slight disabilities but can ‘pass’ for regular folks, I mean someone who has a real disability that can be a major character.

I am taking a major risk here, writing a book, and planning a series without a publisher’s OK on the whole thing. It could end up being a waste of time. But I ¬†am taking a leap of faith that it won’t be. Why?¬†Because I believe there are enough people out there who want a hero that like them, that live everyday with something that is common to them. The need to put on parts of a body in order to function in everyday society. Or some other method by which one choses to function. In my story she is not one to be pitied and is spunky.

The unique aspect comes simply from the simple fact of circumstances that placed her to be in a place most people would not be, and survive. What makes her a hero, are her choices. After all, isn’t that what we all want to be deep down. Good enough to be seen as that at the end of any day?

Nancy Louise