The Loud and The Soft Of It.

What do I know about Guns?

I know the difference between a BB gun and a glock

I watch CSI, NCSI, Bones (you get the drift)

I read/watch/social media the News in all forms

and I just spent the last hour reading up on the topic on the internet. In other words, squat. I am however, going ahead to write my thoughts. Here is where I stand, my peace loving Sister has turned into a Rabid Pro-gun Amendment 2 supporter (ok, from where I stand in California, she looks Rabid to me, OK?). This is my younger Pip Squeak of a sister who I forget is WAY past the pigtail stage, a breast cancer survivor, Ranch Owner (in other words, they ain’t got 911 where they live, so they NEED guns), and a tough old broad with a leathery smile from her times working in the sun. Yep, WAY past the pigtail squeak I knew eons ago. So this side of her coming at me after Newtown Conn gave me a big pause. I had to start looking into stuff. This is where I got to so far.

Legal Gunsmith Shops? Leave them well enough alone. We need them to take care of the guns that are out there, teach those that need to learn the use of them, and keep things on an even keel. No laws we need to change there, so leave them alone.

Gun Runners are those who sell guns ILLEGALLY. Arms Dealers are those who sell to military groups (or what ever you might call a gang of ruffians wanting to take over something). Those, we need to do something about. What to get guns off the street, that is one area we need to focus on. I can easily guess that all those drive by shootings, and guns being pulled our of pants and under jackets are rarely if ever brought from your local gunsmith shop. So, what about the Conn. Situation? ahandgunThose guns were brought legally and the Mom even did the training to make sure her kids knew how to properly handle the hardware. Its possible she never saw the capacity for violence in her son, or denied it? We will never really know. Here what we can know however. Lets say by some law of humanity, all guns could be removed from all mentally ill people. So what happened would have never happened, right?


Combustable material lays all around us. You can not make those things disappear. We depend on all kinds of combustion to make things go and work in our lives, so they will always be around us.

Think it be hard for him to hurt a lot of people? A simple pipe bomb under a parked car where the families gather to drop off or get their kids would have hurt the same or more. Don’t believe me, read up on all the terror hitting the middle East these days and how its done. Plus getting the stuff for that is cheaper than getting a gun which are hundreds even thousands of dollars (legally) in cost. There are knives, poisons, any number of things that could be done to cause deadly mayhem. The only reason I am mentioning any of those is because I read about them, and as a professional book reviewer and fiction writer, I write about them in my stories. No I have NO intention of doling any of those things. Someone else however, can, and sadly will.

So do we lock up all the people who are on Rx head stuff? Again, no. Because you would be locking up your local grandparents, the nice baker down the street, the lovely fantastic teacher in math, and many other productive people who are productive because they take medications. We can’t wrap the world in safety clouds. Believe me as a Mother I often desperately wish it were so. My children leave home everyday, and I say a prayer every time and breathe a sigh of relief when they get home. What we need, is a change in laws towards how the mentally ill are treated. Not to take away our rights, but to find a legal and safe method by where a person can be stabilized enough to become rationalized. Should that person chose not to stay on that medication, we the society are left to deal with the repercussions of their actions. So, who should bear the burden of those infractions? How far are we to make sure that person has their rights, while they infringe on other’s rights to safe passage on a sidewalk? Who gets to make the judgement? This is where we have become stuck and Mental Illness has become to a standstill and many children who need, and should be, I dare say it, required treatment, will not get it.

Who has the greater right? The child who must face the chemical consequences of taking medication which may help but also harm in the long run? Or the family / social network that must try and deal with the illness often to the point of becoming injured or in extreme cases, disabled or killed?

Nancy Louise