More Children Dead, so is this the end of days?

The tragic happenings of Newtown and those in China have become the end days of their time with their child and love ones. They will have to go on memories now. They will never be healed from this, only learn to tolerate the pain better. Those of us, not directly effected will move on, however sluggishly perhaps, but we will. We must remember to Pray, Act, and Love. Love will win in this, but more so on the acts and prayers of those of us who refuse to give in. All of this going on, is the acts of desperate people wanting the world to end now, and wanting to bring it down themselves while they died. The end of days will not be like this.

The end of days will be one in which there no longer any love, any caring, or any acts of kindness being done the world over. So today when I saw groups of young people dressed in Santa and Elf outfits and giving out candy canes around the Ball Park, people smiling and wishing you a good day, even in the rain. Neighbors saying good morning. Yes there is sadness today for those who know what happened, (not everyone keeps up on the internet or daily news, a store clerk knew nothing of the horror). Be kind to one another, love your children more, even if they are grown.

Nancy Louise