Sammy the task worker.

One of the advantages of being a writer/artist or as I like to say, a POET. Personal Observational and Evaluation Technician. I take what I see, know, experience and turn it into something others can do the same with. The none tangible and make it objective or objectified so one can work more to get a head, heart, and heat around it. So when someone told me a Mark Twain quote “the two more important days in your life, are when you were born, and when you figured out why.” I felt surprised. Doesn’t everyone know why? I mean sure when you are a kid you don’t know, but you figure it out pretty soon, right? Apparently for some people, it can remain a life long mystery. Mysteries are something I have about people, not purpose. How can people miss what is right in front of them? Your purpose, should you accept it (ok so I loved Mission Impossible, confession said!), is who do you love now? That is your reason for being born. You were born to love people. Your greater reason, is to push beyond those whom you love easily because they are there for you. To love those who are not so easy to love, and that includes yourself. Then there is the simple fact of, what are you to do with yourself, what are your skills? You need to ask yourself, besides the obvious “make myself oblivious with __________” you really need to know, what takes your breath away, anything? What makes you smile? Jesus was a really good story teller, from that, he taught. He was not a senator, computer programer, engineer or some other fancy name business man. He told stories that taught about life. Maybe you tell stories when you draw, or when you tell anecdotes about the game you just watched, maybe it from putting together a simple program to help make the garage door open and turn on the lights to the steps in the house too? What you do, is another way to love. That is the purpose of being here, to love. Love yourself, love others, love what you do, and most of all, love God. Yes, its that simple. So, realized that down to the toes you have and the end of the strand of every hair you own. Begin to realized that today, just like any day, is indeed the most important day of your life, because you love someone, just simply because you are alive.