When a Child is Gone.

Next to a child being killed, a child stolen is another petrifying fear that sits at every alert Mom and some Dad’s gut. Some parents are more blasé about it than others. My own sister was taken from a grocery cart and almost walked out of a grocery store if it was not for our Mom who just had her back turned for a second to pick something off the shelf had not seen the woman walking past her with my sister in her arms. I was with my Mom and shocked that something could happened with her between the two of us. She was supposed to be safe! From then on, any child with me, was alway, always within physical contact if I ever had to turn my head. My husband I have to say was constantly reminded, even as he reminded me he could hear. I reminded him, so could my Mom.

It was while we were homeless and among more unstable folks, that we became much more paranoid about whom and where our children were. So missing children are something that while my kids are no longer young children, it is something that still draws fervent prayers from me. I am aware that most of those taken are Custody disputes. There is one Missing Child however I have chosen to keep on top of until some kind of conclusion is decisively made. There is little I can do, except pray, and maybe because I live around here, keep my eyes and ears open. Doubt I will ever come across anything, but then, I won’t discount that either. I can at least keep the child before the Lord. It was August 10, 2009 that he was last seen. A child with cerebral palsy , Hasanni Campbell.

Missing Child
Hasanni Campbell, age 6 in 2009 age 5 or 6, his age has been reported as both. So he would be 8 or 9 now, if alive. This too is a form of Social Justice on a local scale. A local missing child. It seems his family life was badly fragmented, and being a little boy with disabled issues meant he got the shorter end of the stick than most. I have no doubt he was seen as a drain and 'nothing but trouble' by some. It might not have been spoken out loud, but that is the sense that many folks feel when there is someone disabled in the family. It is the huge elephant in the room or yard whenever people get together. Trust me, us disabled folks get squeezed all the time by that elephant. I finally decided to start riding that Elephant instead of standing in its, you know... 'shadow'.

So here is my challenge to you, pick ONE child from your area that is missing. Keep a page, photo, name and date of missing and pin it up where you look everyday. Say a prayer, check for updates. Even if its years down the road. If the child is found, give praise, but don’t think it is all over, keep the child in your prayers, because trust me, the kid gonna need it. That child will always be disabled, we just can’t see the wound. Just ‘adopt’ that child for your prayer, for life. Its a small thing to ask, but it is a ripple that spans out farther than you can know. If the child remains missing, don’t give up, because the family still aches and has no closure. Can you commit this for Christ?

I put my hand in yours in prayer.

Nancy Louise


To get a job, do I have to take off my clothes?

This should seem like a dumb question to most of us, but lets face it, when asked to do things like, show our facebook page to prospective employers, it kind of feels like that. Now I am savvy enough to know not to have anything provocative on my FB, and I have friends who are vocal enough to call me out if my content is out of line, to whom I give thanks for their support. That does not mean I want them to know.

If I am married and have kids
The state of my social economic life
What I look like in a bathing suit

Sleeping Beauty
"A little privacy here, I am a lady!"

My private eating habits (I like smelly fish and ethnic foods, all “loud, strong, and smelly”, but I don’t eat them on the job because they ‘offend’ folks).
My political views which I share with friends and family but don’t share with my professional contacts IN PERSON. Should they find out about it by sniffing about, thats THEIR problem, and their blame and they can not accuse me of “bring it on the job”.

Basically its looking for what I can be guilty of, before I do anything.

In case we have forgotten folks, in this country, we are INNOCENT until proven guilty. What we need to do is re-establish communications, learn who your neighbors are and hire people you know and get recommended. If the person is a total unknown to you and makes you nervous, ask them for their references. Then follow your gut. THAT is still legit.

Forget the sneaks and use the speaking. You would not ask someone to show their underwear for a job interview would you? So let people keep their dignity, and show their best. Expect they will keep that best behavior to their professional expectations and go from there. If they do show up in their underwear, ok, then you have a reason to ask for their FB page, other wise, lay off…

BTW I see this as a very local form of Social Justice, the kind where you stand up for yourself, and your neighbor.

Nancy Louise

Can Social Justice on a local scale, really rock?

ImageMaybe planting a small garden on a side walk is not much of a thought of Social Justice. So lets step back a moment and think how can it become a form of social justice? 

1. Engage children from local Boys and Girls club, or other clubs that focus on the next generation to beautify an area they live or go to school in.

2. Planting food plants in such area is not practical, growing pickable flowers can cause other issues. So what can be a good suitable use of that small plot of soil? (Social Studies). Make one block a high school project on learning the history of the area (going back at least 100 years), test the soil for what it needs and what dangerous chemicals might also be presented (Science), Calculate cost of sharing, geography for plants, and for you math wiz out there, apply algebra and other advance math to this. Etc. Etc.

3. Get some seniors out of the homes and into the communities again. Have some speak of what used to grow naturally along these areas, maybe they can take trips to the local garden center or botanical area with volunteers to make some choices.

4. Dealing with the inevitable ripped out, poisoned, pee-ed on, destruction of hard work. Instead of seeing it as a total defeat, work with the group to use it as a social barometer of what could be wrong in the area that needs engaging? Is it one person on a bent of destruction? Does this person need some social services or are they undeserved? It is the behavior of a group of bored teens? What social justice can be done to help that issue? 

Basically the small little plot can be a jumping off issue as well as a ‘therometor’ for what else can be going on that needs to be addressed.

Nancy Louise