Stepping around those holiday eggshells…

Much is made of the cheer of stuffing faces, shopping and package carrying, giving to less fortunate, some of us trudge through snow, some of us through warm sunny days depending on where on this Earth you live. As always though, there are a few “Bah Humbugs” lurking around the eggnog or wassail, buttered rum, christmas jones, or what ever it is that tickles your traditions, and attracts even the grouchiest to the bowl.

Then there are some who simply being flat broke due to what ever circumstances (that would be most of us) that are embarrassed and try to stand in the corner, covering any patched over last year’s sweaters or clothing.

Holiday Drinks

Natch that! Take a deep breath, you are not alone, neither am I.

If you don’t have a new babble or jewel, then add a sleigh bell or something from an old broken christmas decoration, tie a piece of ribbon and pin it to your sweater,  Bobby it to your hair, or stick it on a hat, Viola, Christmasy babble better than tiffany. This year, tacky is IN! Wear stripes, wear red and green. Wear clothing that make you look like jelly beans. Be silly, sneak sleigh bells onto your shoes and walk outside, watch people as you walk by, see if any trying to find the bell, actually look to the sky (yes some do, I swear, I have seen them too.). Play and as for those who refuse to play, nudge them a bit with good natured love, and maybe even give them a cheeky kiss. I have found my own scrooges, when given enough tenderness can soften and turn, and even relearn to blush and become a teddy bear just like old Saint Nicholas.