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Along with my new post, I will post my “Top Ten” from my Xanga blog site based on number of views, and or comments got about them. The first blog is a personal favorite of mine. Enjoy.

If dogs go to heaven, will I meet the chicken I just ate?

109 views September 29, 2008 8:15 PM

I mean think about it. Unless you have been a strict vegan with vegan parents, and animals do go to heaven, you will probably meet the chick the egg never became, (if you eat farm fresh fertile eggs), the cow, the pig, the turkey….. Will they greet me with happy smiles? I know its a weird thing to think about. I have been followed around by a white cat lately, a ghost cat actually and no its not white because it is a ghost. That the color it was in life. My dear friend has a cat that we gave to her is white and had a bad scare thinking she was gone (missing) and maybe dead. She came back, dirty, hungry and very happy to be home, but fine. So that not who the ghost was. Which got me thinking again about the animals go or not go to heaven thought. Most people when they talk about this, have just lost a beloved pet (like I did in March and May) and of course we want to see them again, often desperately so (as do I).

Mom and her eggs

Being a Meat and Fish eater however, I had to think. What if… All these Near Death Experiences or NDE for short, talk of humans and animals from their lives that they see and meet with much fanfare (if they have a happy encounter). But what about the driver you yelled at that dies eventually? Or the someone you stiffed a dollar or two from thinking they never were going to miss it? What happens when you meet them?

The closest work I have seen is “The Five People You Meet In Heaven.” movie which explored this in a very non-religious way, mystical thoughts instead. It is not how I would view heaven, purgatory if there is one, is how I would see that one. Still, there is no mentioned of animals… I have to admit, meeting the Bull or Cow whose tongue, hind quarters (or what ever parts hamburger is made from these days) would be a bit of an awkward moment, huh?


Nancy Louise