Object d’ Arts can be deadly…

How can something that is an object be deadly? By objectifying something that should not be. The photos of these dogs, while beautifully done, also show what seem

Trigger gone doggy
A horse only a gerbil could ride.

s to be a disregard for the dogs themselves. Granted dogs do not care a wit about how they look, only that they are well, smell safe, fed, and have a good pack to belong to. Appearances require self awareness which is something few animals possess. My concerns are more about what kinds of dyes were used on the coats of these dogs and what sort of long term chemical impacts will they have? Are the dog companions, or simply something soft and cuddly they can display? Let me move it on a bit more.

Here is a group of young ladies and a young woman

Panda Parade
Panda and their Beauties

. All beautifully dressed with their panda dogs. Adorable right. All of them are like Object d’ Arts. While the art item itself is prized and value, to put a being of flesh and blood in monetary or historical value is actually to devalue them. I see nothing wrong to celebrate physical beauty and even play with it. I do however wonder when we do it primarily with the young, female, and certain species. I can not imagine someone doing this with say, a toad?


So you might ask, what this has to do with us, go sign a petition, march a protest? Well, no, not unless you want to. I do think it is of value to discuss such things and find out how your friends feel about such things? I myself have an adorable Bichon Frise, He is a loyal dog and while I might put some costumes on him, I can not really imagine dying his fur.

Sterling Silver
My Hearing Dog, Sterling Silver on duty.

For one reason, he is a working dog and it would not be appropriate for me to have him “dressed” that way or taken seriously if I was asked to show his I.D. in a public place. In a place where he is already known, it might be ok to put him in a cute costume say for Halloween at a children’s party, which I plan to do. I still can’t decide between the pirate or the pumpkin, although everyone says he is an angel (he is a very quiet and he is white), I only see Fairy costumes in pink. He is a boy, although pink looks good on him too. LOL, The pumpkin might be too hot where I live and I would not want to do that to him. As you can see I want to put his comfort first rather than my own vanity. He is my buddy and my baby so I would not want to make him uncomfortable in any shape or form.  Were these dogs made uncomfortable for the vanity of their owners? As for how this can be deadly, think about it. When a person or a being becomes objectified, they actually lose value. They become something we can, throw away when they are no longer in vogue, or hold the same beauty. We see this consently with many cultures over many people, and especially with our elderly and disabled.  What do you think, talk about this around the water cooler sometime or after a game. Because maybe, just maybe you could help someone re-evaluate how they see life and change their point of view. Maybe even treat the dogs nicer, or the person they love.

Turtle dog?
Turtle Dog?
Blufflo Dog?
Blufflo Dog?